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Product Design & UX

Project Summary: 

My Responsibilities:

Technology Research

User and Expert Interviews

Physical Product Prototype (MidFi)

Software Used:

Figma, Rhino, Keyshot, Adobe After Effects, Arduino, Visual Studio

Design Awards Received: 

Core77 Design Awards 2022
Student Notable Commercial Equipment Award

Indigo Design Awards 2022 
- Gold in Interactive Design, Student
- Gold in Product or Gadget Design for Social Change, Student
- Silver in UX, Interface & Navigation, Student

Project Description

Natural disasters are very unpredictable and the ways information and communication are handled only make a bad situation worse. With so many different sources of information saying so many different things on so many different platforms, it can make people feel overwhelmed and make a potentially life-threatening situation reliant on guesswork. This is bad enough, but it becomes even worse when the power goes out and cell service is down. People are left without the use of the technology they depend on so much. That’s where Node comes in.

Node provides users with the latest news and alerts on one, centralized, reliable platform. It also shows users the places near them that have the resources they actually need, which is vetted by other members of the community who are constantly updating what places do and do not have. Along with that, it shows navigation to these places keeping in mind road closures and traffic. The navigation feature also provides evacuation route recommendations.


Additionally, Node uses mesh network technology to form a self-sufficient wireless network that users can access even when normal systems fail. With Node, users don’t have to worry about having to get through an emergency without a way to get help. Using our network, users can message with others users, volunteers, and organizations for help.


Although the main focus of the product is to make sure people can always use their phones, there is also an SOS feature that users can use to get help. If their phone dies and there’s an emergency, all they have to do is twist the device and it sends out a distress signal. There is also a walkie-talkie, so they can communicate with those coming to help.


Getting through a natural disaster is scary enough. Node provides users with peace of mind by helping them prepare and stay connected no matter how bad the circumstances.

Process Documentation:

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