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Product Design & UX

Project Description:


Taking a more physical approach to stress reduction

With prolonged stress increasing the chances for everything from the common cold to cardiovascular disease, stress is a major health risk. It has also become a normal part of life. In fact, over eighty percent of workers report experiencing stress in the workplace. People try to relieve their stress in many ways, including exercise and journaling. However, these methods do not always work. Other methods are needed. This is where Ebb comes in.

Ebb is a two-part system for biofeedback monitoring, consisting of a smart device and an app. Unlike most biofeedback devices, however, it is completely contactless. Ebb’s monitoring device, called the Worry Stone, uses WiFi signals to determine your stress level, and is accurate up to twenty-six feet away.

Every time you move, you disturb the WiFi signals in the air, which are mapped by the Worry Stone. Breathing and heartbeats make a regular pattern in these disturbances which can be measured. When you are stressed, your breathing rate and heart rate increase. These changes are noted by the Worry Stone and sent to the app. Within the app, you can view your stress level over time, as measured by the Worry Stone. You can also do various stress-reducing exercises with the app, such as meditation or muscle relaxation. As you continue to do these exercises, you will get better at lowering your stress level.


My Responsibilities

Information Architecture

Mid-Fi App Prototype

User Testing

Vision Video

Software Used

Figma, Rhino. Keyshot,

and Adobe After Effects

Process Documentation

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