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Gulfstream x SCADPro

My Position: UX Design Lead and Interaction Designer

Project Timeline: 10 weeks

Design Summary

The Cursor Control Device (CCD) used in Gulfstream Aerospace cockpits should be efficient and dynamic, utilizing innovative design to allow maximum utility and error free usage.


The Cursor Control Device (CCD) should be an efficient and effective way to get the desired outcomes from the screens that the cursor appears on. In order to best serve pilots, the device must operate without significant errors and must be intuitive and efficient. While pilots must be trained on any new piece of equipment, the CCD will ideally be a control that intuitively makes sense.


Furthermore, the CCD that is designed should visually blend into the existing Gulfstream cockpit, while being a device that can remain in the cockpit as technology evolves for years to come.

My Responsibilities:

User Interviews

 Led Data Affinitization Sessions

User Testing

UI Design

Process Book

Project Website

Web AR Experience  

Software Used:

Figma, Miro, Webflow, Adobe Dimensions, Adobe Aero and Adobe InDesign 

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