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Software Design & UX Design

Project Description


Collaborated with 5 TUM Business and Engineering students for a competition sponsored by Circulor and I was the UX Designer on the project. 

The objective of the Kollect platform is to help companies in the tracking of raw materials, mainly cobalt, throughout the supply chain. The Kollect platform is designed to streamline the data collection process throughout the supply chain by being easy to use, effective and multilingual. 

How Does it Work? 

Kollect platform works by first setting up the initial process by creating a survey. Then after creating the survey, you can invite businesses to onboard. Afterward, the onboarding can go on without your constant overview. Next, you can check in with your onboardee and send reminders for them to fill out the survey. Finally, once you have checked in with the onboardee, the onboarding process is done.

The unique features of the Kollect platform are the:

  • Helpful AI Chatbot: onboardees have an AI chatbot to ask questions and are guided through out the whole process. 

  • Easily Customizable: Customize the process on the go

  • Quick Onboarding: Onboarding done in half of usual time

My Responsibilities:

Website Design

UI Design

Software Used:


Mid Fi Prototypes

Onboarder (Administrator)

Users that creates the survey


Users that fills out the survey


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