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Paw's Retreat

Pet owners have different circumstances in a natural disaster and it results in refusing to evacuate with their pets because of a lack of information and trust about places and sitters. Paw’s Retreat is a Pet sitting app that accesses trustful information about the sitters and connects pet owners and sitters directly in emergency situations. Specific required forms of the profiles and filters help pet owners to find sitters or pet-friendly hotels in an efficient way, and the real-time information and emergency alert allow both pet owners and pet sitters to avoid the worst happen in emergency situations. Furthermore, review and rate build more trust in sitters and owners. The smart collar connects to the app which can remind the schedule to the sitters, display the information about the pet and check the emergency alert. 

Project Created By Jiyoung Lee, Sean Hall, and Tang Tantivirun for Human-Computer Interaction (IACT 315) taught by Professor BC Hwang at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD Savannah Campus) 

My Role: Data Affinitization, Personas, Wireframe, Lo-Fidelity Prototype, Information Architecture (Site Map),  High-Fidelity User Testing, Lookbook, Final Presentation, and Vision Video.


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